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What is Precision Based Mastery Learning?

The learning system is an intelligent blend of emerging technology with engaged teachers. The curriculum is technology-based and will make learning possible and accessible inside and outside school. Students will be empowered to move forward in a self-directed manner that strengthens and reinforces their ability to learn, and excel, in a digital world. However, rather than being self-paced, teachers are engaged intentionally to create optimum learning opportunities. Teachers will blend four types of instruction in classrooms. We are currently producing digital access demonstrating and explaining the system for parents to view and understand how this is being done.

Is mastery-based learning student self-paced?

The learning system is self-directed rather than self-paced. We do not let students ignore, delay, or be hindered in their progress. The curriculum is highly monitored by educators. And students who might struggle with some aspects will receive the help necessary to keep moving. Self-directed is placing a lot of decision-making in the hands of learners. They will be empowered to make decisions on important elements of the school day. We do not hinder students from moving forward. Self-directed learning is proving to be the greatest component of successful learning in a digital world.

What happens if my student struggles to master content at 90%?

The standard of 90% is a higher bar than typical expectations. In the models where this has been implemented, students have raised their own expectations and met that standard. Students must score 90% on mastery exams, which they earn the right to take after their Oral Defense. If the score is less than 90%, the grade is recorded and the student repeats the content, scheduling a second attempt later. Modifications, specific and intentional help is provided when necessary for students to achieve. However, no dropping of the standard is allowed. We will be engaged, aware and involved with learners to ensure they are progressing in an effective manner.

Will any classes be taught in a traditional teacher-directed model? 

In both the new school and the pre-existing campus, we will have a blended personalized learning model with elements of direct teaching, project-based learning, student driven research, and student directed learning through the use of instructional technology.

Will elective courses be taught under the direct supervision of a teacher?

Most elective courses will not be taught using online student-directed resources. They will be taught directly by instructors, using a project-based curriculum.