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Principles of Health Science

The mission of the Principles of Health Science course is to give an introduction to Health Science that will inspire the student to either continue education at an institution of higher learning, thus enabling students to become productive students in the healthcare field and dramatically improving the quality of wellness in their community.

  • The student will identify technologies used in the diagnostic, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development systems.

  • The student will convert units between systems of measurement and understand how the metric system is used within healthcare.

  • The student will implement the leadership skills necessary to function in the healthcare profession.

  • The student identifies the effective components of effective and ineffective communication.

  • The student evaluates and understands the history and future of the healthcare system.

  • The student interprets ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities.

  • The student will assess career options and the preparation necessary for employment in the healthcare profession.